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Illness at school

If your child becomes ill or is injured at school there are certain routines we follow. All staff have completed CPR Emergency Care Certificate. A person will be nominated by the Department of Education and Training to be the First Aid Supervisor.


If there is an injury or illness the routine is:

1.      The child is sent/assisted to the Sick Bay where their condition is assessed.

2.      For minor injuries or illness, basic first aid is given, the illness is reassessed and the child returned to class or play when ready.

3.      For more serious injuries or illness, a parent or emergency contact person is phoned who is then informed about the illness or injury. The parent may take the child home for further medical attention as they choose. Please make sure that you have provided up to date emergency contact numbers.

4.      For major injuries or illness, the ambulance is called, the parent is contacted and/or the child is transported to hospital.

5.      Parents are notified immediately about head injuries.


Finally, we ask children to tell us how they're feeling. Often there are no visible signs of injury or illness that the child is claiming. We must make judgments in those instances, In general however, we believe that children know when they're not well and are given the choice of whether they believe they just need to rest a little before going back to class, or whether they need to be at home.


The Sick Bay therefore is used only for short stays. If your child is too ill to attend class, it is best that they be at home in bed. In these cases, children may rest in the Sick Bay until they are taken home by a parent or nominated Emergency Contact Person.