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Learning at home


On the 23/3/2020 the NSW Government  took significant new steps to increase restrictions across the state - including encouraging parents to keep their children at home, if possible and schools moved towards online learning capabilities.

At East Maitland Public School we are using Google Classroom as our online hub where teachers upload new learning material each week. Students are engaging with the work provided at their grade level. Teachers provide feedback on work students have completed.

The learning material provided for students has 'must do' and 'can do' activities. With our community in mind, our 'must do' activities do not need access to the internet to be completed. Families who do not have access to online learning, can pick up paper copies of our Learning packages from school and return work when completed, to be marked by the class teacher.

During this time, communication with parents and guardians will be through Facebook, Skoolbag Ap, class Dojo messaging and via the telephone.

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Explore the department's learning from home resources to support both online and offline learning for all students.