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School Uniform

Our School Uniform

Students are expected to wear full school uniform including a school hat on all occasions. 


Winter: White school crest polo shirt, navy tracksuit or tailored navy pants, navy blue jumper or jacket, white socks, black leather shoes.

Summer:  Navy blue shorts, white school crested polo shirt, white socks, black leather shoes.


All students - House colour polo shirt with school crest, navy shorts/navy tracksuit, plain white socks, joggers.

Girls may wear navy blue netball skirts. Students in school representative sporting teams wear the white polo shirt or school team shirts and navy shorts. 


Uniform shop opening hours

Tuesday 2:15pm – 2:45 pm

Friday 8:30am - 9:00 am

CASH ONLY – no eftpos

ONLINE UNIFORMSHOP through Flexischools (app; same login as canteen or www.flexischools.com.au). In the app; press order now, your child’s name and then uniforms to start ordering.



Winter: Tunic-Dark blue checked/red pinstriped pinafore style with front/back inverted pleat or navy tracksuit or tailored navy pants, navy cardigan/jumper/jacket, white blouse/skivvy,   white socks/navy stockings, black leather shoes

Summer:  Royal blue and white checked uniform, short white socks or navy tailored shorts, white school crest polo shirt, white socks, black leather shoes


Hats are an essential item of our school uniform. All students wear either a navy blue slouch hat or navy blue bucket hat available from the uniform shop.