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What is Learning?

Learning is building knowledge and understanding through interacting positively with the environment. We learn best when we listen, participate and take action to improve. Learning involves different processes for different people. When you are learning you are responsible and respectful to yourself and others.

Why Practice It?

The more you practice the better you become. Learning about setting goals that can help you to be successful. Motivation (personal) drives me to learn more. Success breeds motivation, which leads to practice which in turn leads to success. We practice it to improve our ability to make sense of the world and to refine our understandings.

How do you practice it?

When you are working in class or doing your homework, always try to do your best. Listen well and follow the teachers' instructions carefully. Ask for help when needed to complete tasks correctly. Co-operate with others during all class activities, including group work. Take pride in your effort and always try to present quality work.

Signs of Success

Learning is …


Students demonstrate by:

Adults demonstrate by:

  • Lifelong
  • Having a go
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Acquiring lifeskills / social skills
  • Active and engaging
  • Fun
  • Bringing all necessary equipment
  • Complete quality class activities to the best of their ability
  • Listen actively
  • Being actively engaged
  • Self motivated
  • Perseverance with challenging tasks
  • Challenge self
  • Complete quality work the first time
  • Try to cater for all students individual needs
  • Facilitate positive risk taking
  • Provide quality teaching and learning activities to meet all learning outcomes
  • Demonstrate patience
  • Be supportive
  • High expectations of students
  • Provide engaging learning activities
  • Use lessons that draw on all types of learners.