Maitland East Public School

Respect, responsibility and learning

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School Merit System

The merit system is an integral part of the Student Welfare program at East Maitland Public School.

When students have collected 5 values cards they bring them to school and hand them to their classroom teacher. The class teacher will sign and date the back of these awards and present the child with mauve merit award. The mauve merit awards carry the same value as the white merit awards that are handed out on Mondays at the Primary and Infants Assemblies.

White merit awards are handed out on Monday at both the Primary and Infants Assemblies. The awards come from one of the school values - Respect, Responsibility, Learning, Co-operation and Participation.

When a student recieves 5 merit awards (remember the mauve awards count as a merit award) they bring them into school and hand them to either their class teacher or Mr Black. The students will then be awarded with a Star Award.

When a student recieves 5 Star Awards they recieve a school banner.

When a student recieves 3 banners they recieve a medallion with their names engraved onto it.

Every Friday at the afternoon assembly all of the students who have recieved a value slip that week have a raffle ticket put into a box. One ticket is drawn out and the winner gets to select a prize from the prize options list for their whole class to enjoy the following week.